What books mean to me

I’ve met a lot of people looking at me strangely because I read to much (if that’s even possible) or say I spend to much on books. I laugh, because to me it’s strange not holding a book in my arms. Books to me are like portals to other dimensions. You open the first page, and a door opens to a whole new world in which we can escape reality for a while.

When I read, it’s like I travel to a place where I can do anything, be anyone. I started reading at a young age, and with every page I turned, my imagination grew bigger and my love for books grew. Books have taught me about things like loss, pain, love and happiness. It gave me a different perspective on people, on life.

Books aren’t simple pages filled with nonsense, they are pieces of author’s, thoughts of them visions, imagination and heart. This is the most valuable gift for me, being able to read all this wonders.

Books to me represent home. When I see everything I managed to gather over the years, it makes me proud and fulfilled. Every new books brings me a smile, and I love the smell of books, it’s the best smell ever! The best thing about books it’s that it bring you some quiet time, some relaxing moments when another hard days has ended. You can’t be bored when you read a book! They inspire me in everything I do, every day!

This is what books means to me. I will never give them up!