Review- Sleuthing with the Enemy by Danielle Hardgrave


Somebody just stole a valuable artifact from the Helsen archives, and Annemette Helsen—a very pissed off werewolf—is going to make sure they pay for it.

There’s just one problem: Anna’s only suspect is the arrogant vampire prince, Jonas Weiss. He’s cocky, frustrating, and a little bit sexy. Okay, a lot sexy.

He also claims to be innocent, so the fact that she just broke into his home and attacked him is problematic.

And his price for keeping silent about the whole debacle? Downright devious.


The short novel you’re about to consume is quick, quirky, and delicious. Get ready to enjoy a main course of romance with a side of adventure. Buckle up, it’s about to get sassy!

Sleuthing with the Enemy can be enjoyed as part of the Unnatural Alliances series or on its own.

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My review:

I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!

I started the book with a big cup of coffee and rainy day. It fitted perfectly and I became enthralled from the first words. Danielle didn’t disappoint, and she created once again a throbbing story!

This new story starts with the archivist Anne who has been robbed and a valuable bracelet has gone missing. Annemette Helsen thinks that the culprit it’s none other than Jonas, a vampire. It’s difficult to put together in a room a vampire and a pissed werewolf, but it had to be done. Because Anne attacked Jason, she had 2 options coming from him: work together to find the real culprit or get reported for attacking him. Which option can Anne choose? They try to solve together the entire scandal and find the one who stole the bracelet. Anne is really trying to work with Jonas, but at the same time they start falling for each other. Maybe a love between two different species can happen.

There is so much sexual tension between these two and Anne is incredible angry all the time. She has a lot misplaced anger. I liked the way both of them were described, and I loved the story! I had fun seeing all the twists and turns, and I’m definitely looking forward to more books in this series.

About the author:


Danielle Hardgrave can find romance anywhere. While obtaining her History degree, she spent more time than she’d care to admit speculating on the love lives of famous historical tyrants.

She was born and raised in Victoria, BC, a small coastal city on a small island in the giant country of Canada. She spends most of her time writing, reading, or getting into trouble with her roommate.

Caldwell Publishing is the result of two sets of talent and one dream. It combines the writing of Danielle Hardgrave with the design expertise of Olivia Conway. The result? Sizzling tales of romance to help you slip away from reality—if only for a little while.


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